Abigail North Ceramics

finely thrown Porcelain and Stoneware

Abigail makes delicate hand thrown and hand decorated contemporary ceramics, working in a granite barn on the north-eastern edge of Dartmoor.  

If you would like to discuss a commission or would like information about forthcoming events, please do get in touch. The studio and gallery are open for visits by appointment - just email or phone me. Visit the contact page for further details.​ 

Images: Abigail North, Paul Mounsey Photography, Chris Chapman

...each opening of the kiln feels like an unwrapping of presents; the process of beginning to throw a vessel on the wheel with my eyes shut, relying on my fingers to ‘see’, is like discovering an extra sense; the thrill of carefully and sometimes obsessively turning each piece until the shape and form of a vessel is exactly as I want it to be; the experiencing of withdrawal symptoms when I can’t be in my studio for a period of time; the solitude, peace and privacy when I am there, leaving everything else behind for a while; the feeling that in making pots very little raw material is ever wasted and nearly everything is recycled when things don’t turn out quite right; always thinking about ceramics when I wake and if I can’t sleep; reading everything I can about the subject sometimes many times over; an overwhelming sense that this is what I really want to do and am simply unable to stop...’